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Outdoor Swimming Pool

Every resident who intends to use the pool should register with the on-site Management office. A $35 refundable pool key deposit must be made in order to get a pool key. New Fees are as follows:$50.00 Per person. Family members $50.00 for the first person and $25.00 for each additional Family member.

There are no more than 2 guests per unit, per visit allowed. Guest passes can be obtained from the on-site management office at a cost of $7 per weekday and $10 per weekend/holiday. All fees can be charged to your account or paid for by check. (Residents who rent will need to pay by check.)

Important Information

Location: Roof

Hours: Seasonal: 9am-11pm

Opens: Memorial Day Weekend

Closes: Weather Permitting

Costs: $50.00 per person/Family Members Read below

A service of SUDLER Property Management